About This Site

This site is dedicated to the appreciation of Charles Lawrence… it is for all of us who know Charles and wish to share our love, amazement, inspiration, enthusiasm and appreciation of and for him! Please feel free to share and celebrate your Charles appreciation here.. feel FREE to make it as short or long as you desire. Post pictures… share stories… whatever you feel called to give and share.

You can post everything anonymous or with your name… you choose.

When we have at least 25 posts I will figure out a way to inform Charles that we have all come together to share our Love for him in this way so he can have his experience of it.


5 Comments on “About This Site”

  1. Cee Edwards Says:

    I first met Charles at my first Dance for All People in December, 2007. I was terrified as I sat in the “baby circle” and he knew it. I later learned that he gave my gatekeeper “what for” for allowing me to attend the dance but I was supposed to be there and not even Charles could change that, he did, however, change me. He spoke to me in the circle for a few short minutes. He said some things I had never considerd and then he said something I had never heard or thought of before. He told me that fear and excitement were the same to the physical body, the same physical and chemical reactions took place in response to both emotions. He said that somewhere along the line I had been taught to read those reactions only as fear.

    A light went off inside me and he said himself “she has been radiating ever since.” I have learned that he refers to me as his “miracle baby” and I am both honored and proud to know that. AT my second dance, in Seatle, someone learned that I had some talent for playing the Native American wind flute and by a series of events it was decided that I would play for the gathering at the closing ceremony. I was flabergasted. I had never played my flute for anyone but myself and the birds before. I did not really believe that I could do it and I thought that maybe it was a mistake.

    When the closing ceremony came around I was smudging at the East Gate and I heard Charles talking. Suddenly I realized that he was talking about me and that he was making my introduction. I could hardly breathe as he called me up. I almost left indented fingerprints in my flute because I was gripping it so tightly. I had no idea what I was going to play as I took my place before my very first audience.

    I put the flute to my lips and music came out. To this day I cannot recall all of that tune, I do not know where it came from but I played like I never had before. When I was done there was total silence and I thought that perhaps I had “bombed.” As I went back to my place in the circle there was an erruption of whistles, trilled calls and applause.

    Charles came rushing up to me and he said “Baby, I am so proud of you.” I was smiling so hard and wide my face hurt and I said, ” You know, there was no way I could have done that a year ago.” He smiled back and said “I know, but you not only did it, you knocked it out of the park.”

    I do not think anyone has ever been so proud of me for doing anything but more importantly I have never been so very proud of myself and it would not, could not have ever happened without him. Thank you Charles, I shall be eternally grateful.
    Much Love. Cee

  2. greiss@igc.org Says:

    Hi. I brought Charles Lawrence to several workshops in Oregon with Native elders, and also taught with him at some of these. I have lost touch with him over the years and want to reconnect. Can someone give me an e mail address to help this happen. Thanks much, Gary Reiss

  3. […] This site is for our appreciation of Charles Lawrence.. for more details about this site click here. […]

  4. Hollis Melton Says:

    For me and so many others Charles is a gateway and a bridge. I have had the privilege of knowing Charles for more than 25 years and have witnessed this great-hearted deeply spiritual person who walks in his truth more than anyone I know in his shamanic Virgo constant unfolding.

    All of my closest friends were through Charles, first the Full Moons, then the Council and then walking with him in staging the Naraya from the first. Going to the jungle early on and having Charles as a model for how to challenge, embrace and dance with destiny.

    Charles is elegant, shamanic, has the greatest almost mythic laugh and in spite of himself, uplifts and inspires but is also a loyal and caring friend and great fun. Along with many other, knowing Charles and often being challenged by him has changed my life and my work and my understanding of life.

    there is so much more but that’s for later….Deborah Wolf

  5. Kira Aho Says:

    I’m grateful to Charles for every moment he has spent with us giving workshops in Finland. He is a most devoted teacher and never counted the hours he spent teaching us. Sometimes we started at 9 in the morning and finished long after midnight – and he never seemed to get tired! 🙂

    I have experienced many miraculous moments and many healing hours with Charles. Especially I appreciate having the honour of smoking the Ceremonial Pipe with him and the invitaion to Naraya (today called The Dance for All People). I’ll never forget The Dance and all the wonderful people there. I couldn’t ever have even dreamed of experiencing anything like that or being part of the Naraya family. Wonderful things happen, when Charles is around!

    So I send my Thanks and Grattitude and Respect and Blessings and Love to Charles; Be Well Our Beloved Sorcerer and Wizard!

    With ❤

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