Welcome ALL

This site is for our appreciation of Charles Lawrence.. for more details about this site click here.

I will start this to give an idea and get the ball rolling… Please feel free to tell stories and write really anything you want to share of your Love for Charles:

For me Charles has been a friend, teacher, brother, father and role model in unlimited and immeasurable ways. His love is faithful and whole hearted. I find him to be honest and sincere and dedicated to Truth. He has an eye for the Shadow… He has a keen sense for seeing unconscious blocks and helping to reveal and resolve them without judgment, with  good humor and in complete honor.  Over the several years I have know Charles I have seen him dedicate much of his time and energy to helping people realize their own dreams and Spirit. I have witnessed him donate his time effortlessly holding space  for individuals, groups, families, couples, tribes, races, species and MORE! I know no other person who is so highly able to show up for himself while being dedicated to showing up and giving to others, ALL is the name of Spirit. Charles is an Elder a Shaman a Sage a Prophet a Poet a Singer a Dancer a Transmitter a Communicator a Guide a Star and so much more… My appreciation for him is not for what he does but for who he BE.. and how I am able to learn from him not by what he says or by the roles he plays but by the constant radiant beaming light that emanates from within him.

If you feel any of this to be true and have anything to share even if it is the very same thing please feel free to write it and share it now. 

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14 Comments on “Welcome ALL”

  1. Lule Says:


  2. Jon Gordon Says:

    I am so glad that this space to show our appreciation to and for Charles Lawrence has been created. I have been so inspired by Charles. I’ve learned so much from him; His honesty, his energy, his intention, integrity, words, actions… There are few people that any of us have met, or ever will, that live a life of such deep truth, strength and presence. Few that are able to be so free, so fearless, so alive. And those that are help guide the way for others to learn that truth and freedom that we might be more fully ourselves, more truly alive. Charles sat with me when I was lost and helped me a great deal. He had answers that I needed desperately. He didn’t put up with any b.s.! He gave me the gift of a dream that showed me something essential about myself and the urgent need to honor parts of myself that I didn’t see and were calling out to me. I had a vision one time of Charles ushering forward a line of people, waving them on and saying, “O.K. people let’s go ahead and EVOLVE PLEASE”, with that resonance to his voice that he sometimes uses to indicate something significant. If I’m not mistaken I think he has a major birthday coming up this year, and I would really like to see the N.Y. Naraya community do something special to honor him, in thanks for all he’s done for us. Thank You Charles! I hope to see you soon, Jon

  3. Cee Edwards Says:

    I first met Charles at my first Dance for All People in December, 2007. I was terrified as I sat in the “baby circle” and he knew it. I later learned that he gave my gatekeeper “what for” for allowing me to attend the dance but I was supposed to be there and not even Charles could change that, he did, however, change me. He spoke to me in the circle for a few short minutes. He said some things I had never considerd and then he said something I had never heard or thought of before. He told me that fear and excitement were the same to the physical body, the same physical and chemical reactions took place in response to both emotions. He said that somewhere along the line I had been taught to read those reactions only as fear.

    A light went off inside me and he said himself “she has been radiating ever since.” I have learned that he refers to me as his “miracle baby” and I am both honored and proud to know that. AT my second dance, in Seatle, someone learned that I had some talent for playing the Native American wind flute and by a series of events it was decided that I would play for the gathering at the closing ceremony. I was flabergasted. I had never played my flute for anyone but myself and the birds before. I did not really believe that I could do it and I thought that maybe it was a mistake.

    When the closing ceremony came around I was smudging at the East Gate and I heard Charles talking. Suddenly I realized that he was talking about me and that he was making my introduction. I could hardly breathe as he called me up. I almost left indented fingerprints in my flute because I was gripping it so tightly. I had no idea what I was going to play as I took my place before my very first audience.

    I put the flute to my lips and music came out. To this day I cannot recall all of that tune, I do not know where it came from but I played like I never had before. When I was done there was total silence and I thought that perhaps I had “bombed.” As I went back to my place in the circle there was an erruption of whistles, trilled calls and applause.

    Charles came rushing up to me and he said “Baby, I am so proud of you.” I was smiling so hard and wide my face hurt and I said, ” You know, there was no way I could have done that a year ago.” He smiled back and said “I know, but you not only did it, you knocked it out of the park.”

    I do not think anyone has ever been so proud of me for doing anything but more importantly I have never been so very proud of myself and it would not, could not have ever happened without him. Thank you Charles, I shall be eternally grateful.
    Much Love. Cee

  4. Melanie Hegge Says:

    How wonderful to find this site available to praise Charles for his generosity and teachings. He has changed my life by recognizing aspects of my self that i had begun to forget. He is a great man and a beautiful being. Thank you.

  5. Frank Carbone Says:

    I met Charles In California at a Continuum Retreat with Emilie Conrad, and Susan Harper, and was amazed at how energetic he was In the process .

    I see Charles as a dear friend and a mentor
    As a Man he is a father figure to me

    I have a great admiration for Charles!

  6. Frank Menusan Says:

    Charles is INSPIRED and IN-SPIRIT ! He has been a friend, mentor and guide to me for two decades! I heard about him through some gossip at the AICH…calling him”a plastic shaman” and asking me to “spy ” on one of his ceremonies.Well, as the Spirit of the Hopi Koshare would have it,I found Charles to be one of the most remarkable and authentic human beings I’d ever encounterd,and I immediately felt his good heart flowing through that pipe ceremony! His radiant personality filled the room and I knew he had much to teach.I think of him as “Lamitegani Automgida”- Creek for” The Eagle Who Flies Above Us “- His visionary, open and free style are refreshing in a world full of dogma and fear and I am proud to call him my beloved brother! Matis! Madoh!- Frank Menusan

  7. Hello Dear Charles & Those that LOVE Dear Charles,

    It’s been years, quite literally, that I first came across this blog, and it has taken me until now to distill some comprehensible description of how Charles has impacted my life, and who he has been to me. Now, I must share that I have had the good fortune to be in Charles’s physical presence a total of four times in the last eight years when we first crossed paths. Four times- no more, no less, with about as many conversations…and no doubt it was the concentration of energy and information that I received from those four beautiful moments that have quite literally overwhelmed, enveloped, stirred, soothed, triggered, and comforted aspects of myself over these eight years- all in all healing some extremely deep wounds about the Sacred Masculine.
    Finally those wounds have cleansed themselves enough that I feel some footing underneath me.
    Because of Charles’s influence (as well as this mix we call LIFE), the patterns I held that had been in play with the Divine Masculine, conscious and unconscious, have revealed themselves to me to the degree that I could identify them with clarity, and consciously realize what I have lived and who I had been. So, it’s with great pleasure and joy I share the following:

    Last week as I stood washing my dishes, I saw Charles’s face- and I asked Spirit, “Yes, what do I need to know or do?” and immediately I saw my daughter’s face- the twinkle in her eye, the joyful anticipation in her mind and heart, and the excitement running through her body when she is walking up to Santa Claus. Yes, Saint Nick.
    And I understood.
    The purity, the benevolence, the generosity, the jolly, trustworthy, LOVE of one aspect of the Divine Masculine that my daughter feels when she sees Santa Claus is how I feel when I see (whether within or externally) Charles. Literally, it is a giddiness I feel that reflects the absolute knowing that yes, you can ask LIFE for anything you want- and you will receive it with Love and Joy, no strings attached…..Before meeting Charles, I had never experienced the purity of this facet of the Masculine.

    And then he is more.

    There is the Merlin. The wizard who knows the Ancients, the Celestials, all the beings and beginnings of the Earth and Stars. The Love that is reciprocated between his Merlin-self and the Cosmos is absolutely palpable. It is at once grounding and elevating, slightly disorienting and clarifying, slightly alarming and soothing- simultaneously. He appears as solid and sanctified as Stonehenge itself, and in the next moment he takes flight with the Winged Ones before or behind your very eyes. This is the Divine Masculine of reverence and mystery…appearing and disappearing silently and discreetly.

    And then he is more.

    There is the benevolent, dapper, multiple hat wearing circus ring master- who is at once orchestrating the show- while flying about on the trapeze; grinning ear to ear- his laughter resonating in every onlooker’s heart . The songs, the cadence, the direction, the passion with which he creates an experience for those present which is beyond the ordinary- is absolutely eclectic, exquisite, enchanting, and endearing. This is the Divine Masculine’s showman, creating moments where Art is bigger than Life.

    And then there are his aspects of Christ, Krishna, Shiva, Siddhartha- those extremely high vibrational configurations of the Masculine Energy that are God the Teacher, Healer, Lover, Warrior, and Master within him– offering themselves like fireworks- sometimes silently, sometimes with a raucous– but always with an amazing, awe inspiring Light.

    Although I’ve never seen him work with the Plant People, Rock People, and Animal People per se, I imagine that they gather about him like eager children at times, in other moments I can see them walking with him as a trusted friend…

    This is all to say, after eight years of confusion around how I react to our dear Charles, that he, Charles Lawrence is the most expansive, seasoned, evolved, whole, and integrated human rendering of the Divine Masculine I have ever met.
    Now with that said, which in my heart seems a bit cool, I’ll add that I feel he is the bomb-diggity of All That Is Good in Men, and I adore him.

    May Charles continue to Grace us, hold us, teach us, be supported by us, and live his Bliss forever!

    With an Infinite amount of Love and Gratitude,
    Trella Dubetz

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Subject: Re: Posting to the CL Appreciation Spot August 24, 2011
    Dear special friends!

    It is my privilege and honor to be among such special people – in particular our most precious divine Charles !
    Charles has been watching over me for years since I first met him in 2007 through another Super Special Man Dan Ntsala.

    More recently these past weeks during such turbulent times as I have been going through and experiencing – awakening – initiation gently guiding and encouraging me to call fourth the best for my new me… Encouraging me to bring fourth the light and let go of the dark!
    I am always in gratitude for his wisdom, encouragement, information and insight he shares from the elders and ancestors.
    Charles it is you who has assisted me to let go of the fear allow the window of awakening to open deep within!
    Thank you for showing me how to let my own light in and out.
    Eternally grateful to have you in our lives!
    You are eternally blessed dearest friend!
    With love
    Your lilttel African sister

  9. Francis Joy Says:

    A dedication for Charles. I met Charles 5 years ago at the Four Winds ten year anniversary celebration in Finland; Charles as I understand was the Co-founder of the organisation. Since then, I have been honoured to be with him in Lapland, and also as a participant on his workshops in Helsinki, and Karjalohja too. Having come from a society where my native spirituality has been fractured, Charles has been an inspiration and fine example of what it means to be both an elder and voice for the elders, a rare phenomenon in today’s world. Many thanks dear friend, and guide and may your journey deeper into the mysteries of time be paved with GOOD STUFF! Many blessings. Francis Joy, Finland.

  10. Sherie Wright Says:

    i have known charles since … 1997? 1998? can’t remember right now. i feel i am of his clan. i consider him more an embodiement of the beloved – well more dimensional than any father/uncle/brother/mother/sister/aunt… i guess i call him cousin in the same way i call bears and turtles and owls and songbirds cousins. creek, stone, flame, breeze are my cousins. related and beloved.

    all of what is written above, by others, is true. today what i want to add is that once you have been SEEN by him, you are always part of his medicine and doctoring and evolution and invites to outrageous spirited epxerience . he SEES you forever more, and when you have true need of him, he appears.

    today i have been pouring out with tears. yesterday i had unwelcome news and today my day started with a recap of the last decade– the longer i remembered, the more the pouring of the tears. i asked where my focus had gone, why was i wallowing in that particular accounting of my life. i asked: “where do i experience enthusiasm and hold a vibraton of better and satisfying times?” I didn’t ask, that is wrong. I wailed. I demaned. I required an answer from All That Is and Myself too.

    i walked away from my writing and sobbing and came to the interweb to do some business. lo and behold there was an email from dear carol lambias with the invitation to come to this link.

    again, a certain state of the soul (never the same twice) gets charles’ antennae pricking and he leads you to what you are asking to know, anywhere in the universe, nay, multiverse (as jon says) it may lurk.
    what i require for all aspects of my life is the exuberance for all experiences that charles is an advocate for, that i be not ‘fodder for the moon’, that i come back to charting my own destiny and sailing the seas that carry it. Arrgh ye maties! Onward ho. now i remember!

    thanks charles. i love you too,

  11. Sherie! What a sweet and brilliant account of Charles!! –its timeliness for me it something of brilliance as well!!
    many blessings,

  12. One Says:

    I have known Charles Lawrence for over fifty years. He gave me an Eagle feather, made a crow fan from the crow wings I sent him, and listened to my dream of his biological mother Emma and himself transformed.

    Charles came from a place of deep hurt, guilt and rejection. In his twenties, by rejecting the ones who rejected him, he freed himself.
    He chose to enjoy the carnal pleasures beyond the acceptable rules others lived by in those days. He loved life! He is a natural dancer and performer as well.

    It was at that time, Charles decided to close off the pain and go forward. He moved from California to New York City. He has called NYC his home ever since. But the young one inside him still hurts.

    Over the decades, Charles would gather up expensive holiday decor and lovely items he picked up, sending them to my sisters and I. He would clear out his brownstone apartment, sending items given to him or purchased from all over the world. This shows a very loving and thoughtful person. Not man, person. Point.

    He introduced me to grandmother Carolyn of the Hopi mountain elders in the eighties. He brought the frail lady to my home, where we sat outside on the long sunny patio. The passion flowers and hummingbirds, the wind and sounds of animals around us; where I answered her concerns about the loss of the old ways by her children. Only one child was following her ways. I told her that was all you need. Just one. Grandmother healed Charles for a time.

    Charles goes forward. He understands the give and take of personal energy more fully than you do I am sure. But to sacrifice a home, spouse and children for your lifestyle as he did can make life very challenging. Now that he is facing a new chapter in his life, I have complete faith that Charles will know what to do.

    We all get a second chance in life when we forgive.

  13. Kira Aho Says:

    I’m grateful to Charles for every moment he has spent with us giving workshops in Finland. He is a most devoted teacher and never counted the hours he spent teaching us. Sometimes we started at 9 in the morning and finished long after midnight – and he never seemed to get tired! 🙂

    I have experienced many miraculous moments and many healing hours with Charles. Especially I appreciate having the honour of smoking the Ceremonial Pipe with him and the invitaion to Naraya (today called The Dance for All People). I’ll never forget The Dance and all the wonderful people there. I couldn’t ever have even dreamed of experiencing anything like that or being part of the Naraya family. Wonderful things happen, when Charles is around!

    So I send my Thanks and Grattitude and Respect and Blessings and Love to Charles; Be Well Our Beloved Sorcerer and Wizard!

    With ❤

  14. Melani Says:

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