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Posted February 1, 2009 by admin
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This site is for our appreciation of Charles Lawrence.. for more details about this site click here.

I will start this to give an idea and get the ball rolling… Please feel free to tell stories and write really anything you want to share of your Love for Charles:

For me Charles has been a friend, teacher, brother, father and role model in unlimited and immeasurable ways. His love is faithful and whole hearted. I find him to be honest and sincere and dedicated to Truth. He has an eye for the Shadow… He has a keen sense for seeing unconscious blocks and helping to reveal and resolve them without judgment, with  good humor and in complete honor.  Over the several years I have know Charles I have seen him dedicate much of his time and energy to helping people realize their own dreams and Spirit. I have witnessed him donate his time effortlessly holding space  for individuals, groups, families, couples, tribes, races, species and MORE! I know no other person who is so highly able to show up for himself while being dedicated to showing up and giving to others, ALL is the name of Spirit. Charles is an Elder a Shaman a Sage a Prophet a Poet a Singer a Dancer a Transmitter a Communicator a Guide a Star and so much more… My appreciation for him is not for what he does but for who he BE.. and how I am able to learn from him not by what he says or by the roles he plays but by the constant radiant beaming light that emanates from within him.

If you feel any of this to be true and have anything to share even if it is the very same thing please feel free to write it and share it now.